Hot Fun in the Sun!

Submissive Phone SexSpring is here and the weather is getting warm and a friend called and asked if I would like to come over and lay out with her in the sun to start working on our tans. She lives in an apartment building and I love going over to lay out by her pool with her because we always get a lot of attention from the guys who live and work there. We had only been laying out for about an hour when some guys walked up and started talking to us. They started getting quite friendly very fast. One of the guys invited us up to his apartment for a couple of drinks. They were really hot and we accepted their invitation. So we went to his apartment and had a few drinks and all of us were getting quite drunk because we were drinking a lot of booze on empty stomachs.

It didn’t take long for all four of us to end up in the master bedroom on this huge king sized bed, all of us naked. We were all over each other, One guy was fucking my very wet pussy while I was sucking on the other guys cock. My friend was getting her pussy taken care of by the guy who had his cock in my mouth. We all came several times and changed positions too many times to remember. This was a foursome that none of us will forget anytime soon. We all came so many times that the bed was soaked with cum.

Once we left the bedroom, my friend and I used the showers and cleaned ourselves up and went back out to the pool area and laid out. We were still pretty drunk and we fell asleep by the pool, When we woke up the sun was starting to set. It was such a great day we all made plans to meet up again soon. When I got home I took a long soothing bubble bath to try to heal my sore swollen pussy. But the day I had was so worth the pain my little pussy felt for several hours.

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