Take It Bitch

I am always down for sucking a big cock. I always said I could suck the skin off your dick, just stick it in my mouth and let me show you just what I can do!
When this hot fucking stud from town showed up as a guest at the club house and the guys started bragging about how I am the best cock sucker around I was sure that I was about to have some real fun showing off my talent.
I got on my knees and started working his soft dick, licking it and taking it into my hot, wet mouth as it got harder and harder.
I worked that dick like my life depended on it, giving it all to prove that the reputation I earned for dick sucking was well deserved. But no matter what tricks I used or how hard I tried I could not get this dude to give me the mother load.
Finally he pulled me off his cock and slapped my face full force, telling me I had no clue how to suck cock but he was going to teach me in front of the whole club house.
He yanked my ass up and ripped my clothes off, dragging me into the next room where he had a harness hooked up. He snatched me up and strapped me into the harness stuffing my mouth with a ball gag as he proceeded to fuck my ass nice and hard.
The rougher he got the more turned on he got and i have to admit my cunt was enjoying being man handled.
Finally he came around in front of me, ripped the ball gag out of my mouth, shoving his dick down my throat.
He fucked me so hard and deep that I almost threw up. The more I gagged the more excited he became. Finally he shoved his dick so far into my throat I thought it would come out my ass, cumming so hard that I nearly drowned from the force of his jizz shooting down my throat.
As rough as it was it was such a turn on and my cunt came harder then I think it ever has, squirting cum into a puddle as I hung there gasping and gagging from the experience.
When it was over he looked at me and said “Now that is how you suck cock and take it bitch.”

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