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Naughty Maid Phone Sex

naughty maid phone sex

Naughty Maid Phone sex comes so naturally to me. Mistress Brooklyn Keeps her a handful of sweet maids who I can seduce in between sissy training sessions.  It is inevitable they find my sex toy box. With all the feminization going on and the big cock coming through my house they get wet and need stimulation. I love keeping real females around to give my sissy men and husband something to compete with. My sweet Maid became my sissy training accomplice, only after I had fucked her silly that is. I saw her using on silver bullet Vibe thinking she wouldn’t get caught as I was in full sissy training downstairs. I had noticed a couple of things missing. So I watched her for a while and when I said I could help her get a better orgasm, she jumped. I took my sweet naughty maid bent her over my lap and began double penetrating her and spanking her sweet bottom. I had her squirting all over me. Then I called my sissies up to watch me fuck her silly and be my slut slave. I made my sissy men clean that sweet pussy and mistresses wet pussy all up! I don’t fuck around, even a female will be my sex slave. Come to me and I will train you as a good Mistress should Darling.

Mistress Monika Loves to Tease and Edge Play

edge play phone sexYou just arrived and I am already unhappy with you because you are five minutes late. Mistress Monika does not like to be kept waiting. So since you have been a very naughty boy and keep your Mistress waiting I think some sissy training is in order. I have you take off all of your clothes and then I put you in a pair of hot red crotch-less panties and matching bra. I think you need some hot red lipstick on those lips to match your panties. Then I am going to have you sit down in the chair in the corner on your hands. I make you spread your legs wide so I can see how hard your cock has gotten. Then I tell you as punishment for being late you do not get to touch your cock. I bring in my pet and pull her bra down to show you her luscious tits. I lean over and lick one of her perky tits and I can see that your cock has grown rock hard. Your breathing changes and you are begging me to let you touch your cock, but the answer is still no! I have my pet crawl in between your legs and kiss on your inner thighs. You scream out “Oh Mistress Please” and then start apologizing for your earlier behavior. But the answer is still no! I then give my pet a piece of ice to rub up and down that big hard throbbing cock of yours. You are begging me to cum, but my pet and I are not through torturing your hard throbbing cock.