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Some naughty furniture shopping

Mutual masturbation porn

I am not shy about how horny I get, and sometimes the mood for me strikes at the most random times. I actually was shopping for furniture, and I got so horny and was completely wet I couldn’t help myself. I had to slip away to one of the back rooms and finger fuck my pussy. I thought about mutual masturbation porn and how badly I wanted a nice cock deep in me. It was quite risky, but I was so horny and knew I could rub it out quick enough that no one would notice. Unfortunately, surveillance cameras are everywhere, and a guard came by and told me to follow him to the back office.

I was mortified, but what happened next would be something I’d never forget. The guard asked if he could have a closer look, and he wouldn’t mention it to a soul. I, of course, abided, and before I knew it, I was spread eagle on his desk, rubbing my cunt and cumming all over. Furniture shopping can be quite an adventure.