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Hot Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is one of the biggest fetishes in the adult phone business. That shouldn’t surprise you. It won’t when I explain it. Sexuality is fluid. Society wants us to be gay or straight, but we are naturally bisexual. Society struggles with gray areas. They want you to identify with a sexual preference, a race, a gender and political party. It is unnatural for everything to be so black and white, therefore lots of men are curious about cock. But because they have identified themselves as straight, they are cautious about where they explore their dick fantasies. Nothing is safer than tranny phone sex. A virtual blowjob is not a real blowjob. A virtual ass fucking is not a real ass fucking. Plus, a sexy tranny is the best way to explore your cock fetish. I have a ten inch dick with the face and body of a beauty queen. I am a dominant tranny, but I have a sweet GFE side too. Most of the men I meet on and off the phone are novices when it comes to cock, but they are curious and wanting to explore the gray area of their sexuality. How do you know you don’t like cock unless you try it, right? A phone Shemale is safer than a glory hole cock or a Backpages cock. I better tell you that that once you go tranny you won’t go back. I mean you will always want shemale cock. Cock is easier to get accustomed too when it is big and pretty. I am shaved. Plus, my cock is attached to my hot body.  Every guy that takes my dick for a spin cums back for more every time. You will too. Even if you never hook up with a transsexual in real life, you will keep calling a phone tranny like me.