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Pay Day On The Construction Job

exhibitionist phone sexI don’t just want some of the money, I want ALL the money and I know just how to get it.  Exhibitionist Phone Sex.  Construction workers are all pigs but hey, they do make pretty good money.  There’s this construction crew working on this building next to where I live.  Every time I walk by, all I hear is whistles and “hey honey, let me buy you lunch” .  As I turn around they are all grabbing their cocks and humping the air, Ugh, like really? Today being pay day and all, I decided to take them up on it.  I was after way more than lunch though.  I waited til they had all gotten their checks cashed and had come back to the job site before showing up like this. I sat down on a window ledge and began rubbing my pussy and twisting my nipples.  They were in awe.

They all stopped and just stared.   I told them that I was secretly a prostitute and that I would get down on my knees right then and there and suck ALL their horny little cocks.  Out in the open for everyone to see.   And, whomever threw the most money down would get to go first.  You should have seen them all throwing their money in little piles.  They couldn’t unload their pockets quickly enough. Then, I told them to turn around and drop their pants so I could count the money and I would announce who won.  As I pretended to be counting, I took off my stripper heels and took off running with ALL their money.  I left them with their hard cocks in hand.  Too bad, so sad. SUCKERS!!!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex: Nudist Family Resort

exhibitionist phone sexDo you like exhibitionist phone sex? I never considered myself much of an exhibitionist. I do like it when other people watch me fuck, especially when I am fucking my sons; however, I don’t really go to nude beaches or expose myself in public places. That changed this weekend. My husband surprised me and the boys with a New Year’s Eve present. He took us to a family nude resort he found that was a couple hours away. I have never been to a nudist place before. I was excited, especially since it was a family oriented resort. That meant there would be young boys there. I could look at boy candy! The boys were excited too because that meant they could see MILF tits, ass, and pussy. The resort was indoors with a water park and swimming pool. Plus, volleyball courts and a movie theater. It was wicked cool. My husband took the boys to the waterpark area, while I played nude volleyball with some young boys. I wasn’t born yesterday. I knew they wanted to see my MILF boobies bounce up and down. It was a real struggle not to molest all those boys. I had boy dick orgy on the mind. After a view matches, I excused myself to find my boys. Mommy needed them ASAP to fill her fuck holes. My husband and son were talking with this hot cougar with big tits and a 70’s style beaver. Her pussy looked like a Chia Pet, but my boys were clearly curious. My husband invited her up to our room. She was at the resort with her husband. Her fuck trophies are all grown up. I watched my sons fuck a hairy MILF. Then my sons watched my husband and I fuck her. That hairy pussy tasted and smelled like my sons’ cum. I loved it. I made her squirt all over my face. The nudist resort isn’t a swinger’s place, but for a few hours, we made it a mommy and son swinger’s palace. I can’t wait to return.