Sweet Treat of Summer

It is getting warm out and I will be wanting to enjoy my pool soon. I hate cleaning it after the winter and getting it ready for the season. It is such a pain in the ass. So I decided to hire a pool boy. Now most people just call a number in the yellow pages or find a pool service in the paper. But I like to interview first. I want eye candy cleaning my pool. I have been known to pay for more then my pool to be cleaned. This year was no exception to my yearly rule. My pussy always gets wet when I interview the prospective pool boy. This year I had so many to choose from but eventually settled on a cute, dark skinned Mexican that hardly spoke a word of English. But that is ok because we aren’t going to do much talking anyway. After watching him for two days get my pool ready, sweating in the hot sun, his body all taunt and muscular, I decided to offer him the job of weekly maintenance too. His first scheduled weekly visit is next Friday. I have a huge treat in store for him. I am going to conveniently forget he was coming and be sunning in the buff with lots of rum and coke pool side. i will seduce him. I can’t wait to have his huge Spanish dick between my tits as I suck it and get titty fucked at the same time. That is just the beginning of our day Friday. The pool will have to wait. I am horny and in need of some attention.

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