What A Trip!!!

It was just a weekend trip, just me and my girlfriend Heidi. We are very close friends **wink, wink. We both wanted a little break so we decided we would come down to St. Augustine, Florida for the week end. It is an old rustic little town with lots of history, quaint streets and lots of charm.
We got here earlier then we expected and decided to just stroll the streets for a while. It wasn’t long before we noticed a rugged and very hot guy eyeing us. He seemed to be following us. As we giggled about it and tried to look with out being obvious we knew he was following and watching. We were getting wetter and hotter by the minute as we teased him from a distance. Bending over, giving him ass shots and wiggling seductively knowing he was drooling all over himself.
we were surprised when we turned a corner and found the street deserted. But we kept walking thinking surely there was more to see on the next block over. We decided to turn around and we practically ran him over he was so close.
It scared us at first but when we saw the size of the hard on in his pants the fear faded fast. We pulled his cock out and sucked it right there, hoping no one would walk up on us. It was a great treat.
Needless to say we brought him back to our hotel and had a wonderful evening. We are getting cleaned up and dressed to meet him for drinks and dinner and I am sure we will have round two later.

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