Class Is In Session

A friend of mine told me about this class they were having that teaches one how to be a lady. They teach you haw to walk and sit and proper posture and all the nuances of being a proper refined lady.
I have always considered myself very feminine, in fact most people would never guess that I am a Tranny. But I wanted to add a little polish to my gem so to speak so I decided to take the class.
I was surprised to see several male instructors on the first day because I thought they would be all women. But everyone seemed to know what they were doing and it seemed very professional.
We completed our sign in paper work. Paid our fees, were given the run down on what we would be doing, what was expected of us and some general rules and regulations.
The next thing that happened shocked me and I was very unprepared. We were told there would be a physical exam. It was explained that everyone has a different body type and that has a lot to do with how one carries ones self. They also wanted a surprise look at our choices in under garments as this reveals a lot about ones personality and tastes.
Of course I was very nervous but I had already come so far and paid my fees and I really wanted to take this class. So I just took a deep breath and went with it.
When the instructor and I got to the room where I was to strip to my undies I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. I mean I am pretty good and shoving this huge dick between my legs and tucking it in my ass crack so that it isn’t obvious when I go out.
I took off my shirt first knowing that my gorgeous tits stuffed in my lacy bra would never be a problem. The appreciative look I got from the instructor gave me confidence to continue. I took off my skirt revealing my matching bikini panties. I knew facing him he couldn’t tell because the look was one of approval. But when he told me to turn around and let him get a look from all sides my heart sunk.
I did as I was asked slowly and reluctantly and knew as soon as I heard him gasp that he could see my big boy bulge in the back.
To my surprise he eased in behind me and began rubbing my balls. He was a very attractive guy and my dick immediately was at attention, easing out of my ass crack in all it’s glory!
I don’t know how long exactly we were in the room but I know it was far longer then normal.
When we came out the instructor winked at another instructor as if that was a signal ans no one said a word.
I learned a lot in that class and was admired by all the male instructors. In fact I am thinking of re taking it just for shits and giggles.