Sweet Abduction

She walked past the club house every day. I watched her from my window looking at it like she longed to know what it was all about. A pretty little thing. You know the cheer leading type. So the other day when she walked by in a cheer leading uniform I knew I had her pegged from the start. I decided to start following her, my cunt wet with the anticipation of getting her into the club house as a play toy.She had the same ritual every day and the club house was between her school and home. By Friday I was ready. Abducting her was easy and the day I grabbed her, she had her little cheer leading uniform on. She was so excited to be in the club house finally. She thought she would have some fun and be able to go brag to her friends about it. If she only knew! We started slow, getting her nice and drunk. And then the fun began. We took her to our special room and tied her cutesie ass down, cutting off her panties and cutting holes in her top so her tits were exposed. We had the best time fucking this bitch, every one got a turn, when it was all over we had to get rid of her. We couldn’t have her telling stories about her time here. We made her a pretty pair of cement shoes and dumped her in the river. Maybe they will find her, or what is left of her, some day.

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