Shopping Surprise!!!!

Darling that was the scariest and most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time! My dick is still hard!

I went shopping for a father’s day present for my Dad. He is very hard to shop for and I strolled the store for almost two hours trying to decide what I was going to get. When I got to the door to leave I was bum rushed by several large and buff security officers. They shoved me in a little room just off the exit to the store and began giving me the third degree. My heart was racing and I was scared to death.

One of them in particular kept eying me up and down in that hot and horny way and I could feel the fear mix with excitement as my dick began to get hard and my nipples stood at attention.

He told the other men to go ahead and go back to work that he could handle this. As soon as they were out of the room he licked his lips and said we could solve this dilemma fairly quickly if I would cooperate. He suggested a strip search.

He was so fucking hot all I could think of was how much I wanted to wrap my lips around his cock. But what would he think of my surprise?

I nervously agreed to the strip search and took off my top. He motioned for me to continue and off came my bra revealing my rock hard nipples. He reached out and touched them gingerly at first, and when I didn’t resist he became more aggressive. Pinching them and bending down to suck them deep into his mouth while flicking his tongue over them.

OH Glory!!! I love it when a man sucks my nipples into his mouth! I began to moan with delight. He pulled his cock out and started rubbing the hard shaft as he guided my hand to it. I began to jerk his cock like a pro before bending over to take his dick into my mouth. When I took it all the way down, deep throating all the way to his balls, he let out a heavy sigh and I knew I had him right where I wanted him!

Just when he was about to give me his hot load he pulled me off and pulled my skirt down. My hard cock sprang out and was there in all it’s glory! He hesitated for one second and then shoved me around hard and pushed me down on the desk, scattering papers every where as he shoved his cock unceremoniously deep into my ass. He fucked me hard and deep, taking my ass like a crazed animal needing release.

Just when I was about to reach down and start jerking my dick for relief I felt his big hand reach around and grab my cock hard. He began jerking my cock hard and fast to meet his thrusts and we both exploded, squirting wads of hot cum all over the place.

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