Stealthy cheating and Adult phone chat

He fired into my Adult phone chat cunt with heavy desire, making me bask in an afterglow I didn’t ask for but so desperately wanted. It was so loud, so wet, there’s no way his wife in just the other room didn’t hear it. “We probably should have gone further away.” He grumbled, holding himself in me as he finished letting loose, and finding my tight folds somehow kept him quite hard. “Don’t care.” I admitted. “That was fucking hot, you might have just gotten me pregnant while your wife and daughters listened.”

“Well, when you put it that way.” I probably should have kept my mouth shut, because the next thing I knew his lips were on mine again and he was making damn sure I left with a bun from Breeding Phone Sex and his prude of a wife heard every single moan. His cock was pumping away like he hadn’t just cum and I was all there for it. His dick slammed me against the wall over and over, squishing my tits against it and making me moan all over again. I couldn’t help it, he was so hard and so hot and he was so eager! “Oh fuck, daddy!” I found myself moaning, surprised by my own words but already reinforcing them. “Fuck me daddy, ohh make me a mommy!” I was loud about it, giggling mid-moan. I’d already destroyed his marriage, why not take a nice thick extra load while I’m at it? I already had so much cum leaking out of me that every thrust caused a splash from my sopping cunt, but I was still aggressively thirsty for his dick like I’d just woken up for a fresh day. He stuffed me as deeply as he could, panting harshly while his cock stirred me up in ways I wasn’t sure he could. He laughed at my use of daddy, but he wasn’t laughing very long. The massive, thick globs of cum shooting into my Creampie Phone Sex pussy a mere twist of my hips later took his breath away.

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