Late night time with Daddy

Daddys girl phone sex

Being a daddy’s girl means that my Daddy gives me the most attention.


He loves coming into my room at night and spooning me with his huge hard boner, he loves to squeeze it between my sexy round butt cheeks. I can feel how warm and big it is and he starts thrusting into my body. We have to be really careful not to not wake up Mommy. She is always asleep that’s why Daddy say it’s our special alone time. After he warms me up with his dry humping my ass, he reaches up under my night gown and starts fingering my wet little pussy. He pulls down my cotton panties and really get’s his fingers deep inside my tight bald cunt. He loves how smooth it is and always compliments me on how beautiful my cunnie is . Daddy can usually make me squirt to rubs me so good, I just coat my little pony sheets with my juices it makes him so happy when I do this for him He says he’s so proud of me. Then it’s my turn to take care of Daddy and is love pole, I squeeze it with my little hands and pull the head up and down just the way he likes it. It’s not long that he starts leaking out his creamy pole juice. I lick my fingers cuz it so spicy I love it! Plus Daddy likes to watch me lick up his spicy juice that’s all over my hands. After that I”m really sleepy so I just roll over go back to sleep, and Daddy tip toes back to bed with Mommy.

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