Spank Me

My daddy picked me up from school today. He took me home then he left to the store, I went into his room and found a book about corporal punishment, about a Daddy spanking his older daughter. Soon, as I started reading it I felt a sensation in my cute little panties. As I am laying across daddies bed, I feel a hand grab my sweet little ass and turn around and it is my daddies hand. He asks me if I like reading his book. I did not want to tell him I was so scared. But, he could tell that I was so excited my nipples were swollen and hard. So, he told me he wanted to try something with me. He went into his closet and pulled out a thick wooden paddle. I was so scared at first but I must admit my panties were soaked all over again. He grabbed me and kissed me very sweet, and told me I am always going to be daddies little angel. He pushed me down on the bed on my belly and told me to read the book to him. As, I started reading he smacked me as hard as he could on my ass and my cheeks turned bright red. Then, he turned around and walked out. I ran in the other room, begging my daddy to smack my ass over and over again. I wanted to cream in my panties for him as he showed me the way corporal punishment should be. So from this day forth I will make sure I get good ole fashion spankings by my Daddy!

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