Bonadge & Breeding

He loves these big black titties so much he just can’t keep his hands off. This time he comes in, puts my lovely collar on, and ties me up. Then, he proceeds to pull off my black stockings, and tie my boobs up with them. My nipples are hard as rock, and my pussy is dripping with anticipation. When he tightens the stockings I scream out, but that only fuels his fire. He gets a whip, and start whipping my huge black jugs. I scream as he gives me pain and pleasure by sticking his fingers up my cunt! I want so badly to be fucked, but he’s got something even better for his dirty slave. I see a bunch of men come in, stroking their dicks and looking at my exposed body. One by one, I was tag-teamed and double penetrated… I got fucked hard, and I admit, it felt so fucking good! Every time one would cum in my pussy, he wanted me to say, “Please breed my black pussy!” I meant every single word!

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