4 Legged Friends Fun

Although my ultimate fantasy is a 4 legged friend that roars. I am in the mood for some other 4 legged friends. I’d love to feel that furriness all over my sweet pussy. I would love put that nice rock hard,hairy knot right inside my lips and suck all its sweet cum out. Then of course bend over and get it doggiestyle just the way I love it especially from the black and brown hairy four legged friend. I have my 4 legged friend home with me right now he is so rock hard and so big!¬†Last year my friend brought my sweet friend for me, the moment I felt his wet tongue lick my thigh one night when I was sleeping I couldn’t help myself ever since. The moment I felt it I automatically opened my legs and let him lick right between my beautiful pink lips. He lapped up all my sweet juices as I came so hard all over his soft tongue. I must admit he pleases me more than any man has thats for sure!


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