A Sore Bottom, Oftentimes Brings about an Awakening of the Mind and Cock.

When I was younger, I received spankings after I was ‘willfully’ disobedient.  After which, I was able to think more clearly, and see the errors of my ways….

Today, giving and receiving spankings arouses me (almost uncontrollably).  My nipples harden, my flower drips its sweet nectar, and I orgasm from hearing your screams and moans of pain and ecstasy, or I cry and orgasm, from being spanked by you.

To me, spanking is an art.  I love to plan for spanking sessions; if I am administering the punishment, I will spend time discussing your indiscretion with you, I will explain to you the tools that will be used for your spanking, and I will tie in various forms of humiliation (allowing you to remember the experience). I have an impressive collection of spanking paraphernalia that I would love to use with you. I can’t wait to play (resulting in soreness that will last for days, or even weeks).


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