Sold As A Sex Slave!

Mr. B shared a naughty Fantasy Roleplay with me.  Talk about Hot Phonesex!  Thank you Mr. B!

It’s easier for girls to come to terms with doing things they once wouldn’t have when they fall on hard times. I was a runaway and couldn’t pay my rent. I had always been told what a pretty girl I was so I tried answering some modeling ads. I met up with a guy that said he could pay me immediately.  I went alone. He kind of made me feel uncomfortable but I’d already decided, I was going to do what I had to do. He offered me money to take some pictures but this wasn’t the JCPenny’s catalog, I’d have to show some skin. I took a big breath, put on a smile and posed. Little did I know these pictures would be in a portfolio of young girls being pimped out. Since I was still “fresh”, the price was higher. I didn’t get to go home that night. Instead I found myself auctioned off to the highest bidder and the things he made me do that night…..I’m sore just thinking about it. When a man buys you, it’s different than dating you. He can do whatever he wants if the seller gets paid enough. These men did things they’d to me they’d never share to another living soul. The good news is, once I get too old for the dirty old men my pimp is going to let me take early retirement. He said he promised I’d get home in one piece. I think that sounds reassuring?  GULP!

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