Tarzan & Janie

Lost in the jungle, separated from my group I realized just how girly I really am. I was scared, hungry and lost. A huge crack of thunder roared overhead. The rain fell in a harsh sheet against my soft skin, nearly ripping the delicate fabric off my body. I was tripping through the jungle looking for safe haven when I came face to face with a tiger. The look in it’s eyes was so menacing, I just knew I was done for. Suddenly a flash of a man appeared from above, grabbing me and pulling me up. I was startled at first but then, I felt something else entirely. Relief, embarrassment and well horny with being pressed against this tight bodied savage man in nothing but a loin cloth. I thought maybe he was a wild man and didn’t know what a woman was. Boy was I wrong. Back in his hut I discovered Tarzan was no hero. He had been watching me for a while. The stories are all wrong you see. He was responsible for separating me from my group. He’d been watching me, trailing me. Leading me along the path to his hut. Inside the hut he introduced himself by ramming his big hard cock down my throat, deep throating me to the point of tears and gagging.  This isn’t the romantic story of Tarzan and Jane. This is the raw, sexually explicit story of Tarzan and Janie. A wild savage beast of a man with animal desires and a girl who discovers, she was looking for that man all along. Take me Tarzan, ravage me I beg you!  Make me your submissive little fuck doll and I’ll worship your cock!

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