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Potty Training with Dada

toilet slave phone sexDada said I am a big girl now and it was time for me to be potty trained! He took my diaper off and smacked my little bare ass it felt so good my little tight pussy started to get wet! Dada says a good girl will listen and do whatever he says, I love to please my dada so I climb into his lap so he could cradle me. I love when dada touches my body it tickles and makes me giggle and dada love that I could feel his cock getting hard it felt so big under my little butt I swirled my tiny hips back and forth, hearing daddy moans lets me know I am doing it right and I giggle again, grabbing his face with my little hands to kiss him. I didn’t know what potty training was but I like it! dada told me to sit on the small potty and pee, I giggle and told dada I couldn’t go pee pee so he reached down and massaged my pink clit and the tingling sensation began to grow and I thought I was peeing but it was my sweet little girl cum this made dada happy and he kissed my little lips, I can’t wait until next time to potty train with daddy.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Babygirl

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Dada loves his babygirl! He knows I will do ANYTHING it takes to keep his cock happy. Today he wanted me to play and even YOUNGER little girl all for him! I was going to get on my changing table for Dada to take off my diaper but instead he wanted to use his tongue to clean the cum up! I was more than happy, I love when Dada eats his own cum out of my sweet little babygirl pussy! It makes me want to squirt in his mouth and be his little cum slut phone sex whore all over again. He loves cum slut phone sex with me so he just keeps filling me up! So that’s just what Dada did for me. He got his cock ready to fuck me through my diaper and my panties! Feeling that squishy cum made me want to scoop it into Dada’s mouth and make him my personal little baby birdie! Mmm. His favorite thing to do with his babygirl cum slut phone sex Brianna!

Barely Legal Cum Slut Phone Sex

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Dada loves to call me for cum slut phone sex! Want to know why? Well obviously it’s because he get’s the cheapest phone sex with me! He knows he can always get a 33 minute special with his little girl that he loves to dress up and be put in diapers! I love playing his super young daughter and I even tell Dada my name is Brianna just how he likes it. What I like best about Dada is he eats all the cum out of my little cunny like a good baby birdie! He slurps and scoops it all out and then let’s me sit on his face so I can squirt my little pussy juices! I can’t help it, when Dada is licking and urging my little pussy cunt vagina to cum… I can’t help but do just that! His little cum slut phone sex whore! The best part though is when Dada finally lays me on my back to stick his big daddy dick right in my tight little babygirl pussy! I want to squirt and cum with Dada so I could be the best little cum slut phone sex girl! Next time I am going to have to wake Dada up when I have a nightmare!

Cutest Little Girl

age play phone sex

Mmm, I really love age play phone sex! I just already know that I have the cutest little girl voice and I already am sooo young! It’s always hot to play a nice young age for a Daddy or one of my neighbors. I am the best little tease with my growing body! I always wear slutty clothes, and sometimes no panties just to drive you guys even more crazy. Actually this morning I went outside to tan! It’s summer and I’ve not had a lot of time to work on that golden color, hehe. You can probably guess what I’ve been doing instead! My neighbor across the street has started opening up his garage and setting up a chair in his driveway to people watch…or maybe Alley Watch. I always wave and give him a cute little smile. He actually mowed my yard last week too! Well this time when I was out tanning. I knew he was watching me so I picked up my bottle of tanning lotion and started to use that to fill my cunt. Soon after he came right over and told me I needed to stop. I looked up at him through my sunglasses and asked his what on earth he meant! But then I could feel what he meant because he it was at the tip of my lips…mmm. You already know what I did…and I did NOT stop.

Dada’s Bad Girl

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Dada says I’ve been a bad girl! What do bad girls get for punishment when they’ve been naughty? A spanking on their little girl bottom is what! I know all about being naughty, but Dada doesn’t like when I am a bad girl! He tells me his sweet little girl needs to be a good little princess. And that’s why he has no choice but to teach me a lesson so I know better than being a little brat. He bent me right over his knee and spanked my bottom until it felt raw and red. I cried and begged Dada to give me a reward now and he knew what that meant. He slid my diaper on and pulled it to the side, that bottom spanking had his Dada cock hard and ready for my little pussy cunt vagina. He was already throbbing and oozing precum! I was sooo ready for Dada to fill my itty bitty pussy up! I finally got my reward, squirting in my diaper and mixing all our juices for Dada to take off and play with later.

My Fav Changing Table

age play phone sex (12)

Dada has been thinking about my full diaper all day long! He likes to put me on my changing table and use his Dada cock on my little pussy cunt vagina. He makes  a hole in my panties and my diaper and just slides right into my tight wet little babygirl pussy. It’s still got some slippery wet cum so Dada gets all turned on. I know what he really wants is for me to sit on his face and scoop out the cum, feeding it to him. Squirting allllll over his face and making him eat it all up! Dada is such a good baby birdy for me to play with. I love when my Dada puts a fresh diaper on me! Because I know soon he is about to make it all messy again and I get all excited when I know I am going to feel Dada’s cock pushing into my tight little girl pussy. He likes how I squeal and beg for his big perfect Daddy cock and to fill my diaper up with all that warm perfectly gooey cum I love soooooo much!

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Playground Secret

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My Dada always takes advantage of our specials that we offer, in fact just yesterday we had fun on my changing table, and just this morning something else happened! I was at school playing on the playground when 3 of my friends came up to play with me. They’re as cute and little as I am! With little pig tails, and short little skirts…and big trusting eyes too. They heard the sound of my diaper squishing and rubbing under my skirt and asked me what that noise was, when I asked them if they could all keep a secret they said yes, of course! I told them they’d have to see for themselves at a sleepover at my house. Tonight they’ll be here and I am going to show them my diaper changing table, my pile of cum soaked diapers and the cotton panties I put over my diaper too. They’re going to be so jealous, wondering what it feels like to have pussy cunt vagina full of cum, let alone a nice and squishy diaper. Maybe Dada will show them just like he showed me, and they’ll become as addicted as we are! Oh I sure hope so, I’ll at least get this full diaper off of me and feed it to my Dada for them to see, and for me to enjoy.

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Daddy’s Diaper Princess

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Sunday is father’s day and I have big plans for my Dada! On Monday afternoon my Dada filled my little pussy cunt vagina up and after that I put a diaper right on and then a pair of cotton panties! I am saving all this cum for Dada to rub into his cock and eat all up too! He knows I am his little princess and he is my cum eating baby birdy! So for Father’s day this year he is getting all this cum in my diaper, and then he gets to fill up a fresh diaper for his cute little princess. I know that what he wants, I just turned double digits and that drives him crazy to see his little babygirl laying on a diaper changing table too big but still SO small! He tells me all the time I am his favorite little girl and that’s why I like to squirt into my diaper so it mikes all of those juices and sticky cum together so Dada can taste it all up. I even scoop it into his mouth with my little hands…straight from my little pussy cunt vagina.

Age Play Phone Sex – Any Age U Want!!!

age play phone sex (11)

If I am good at anything…it’s being REALLY young for age play phone sex! I already have the youngest little face, body and voice already…I just know how to make it even younger for all the Daddy’s! Some Dad’s get all shy when I tell them to pick an age for me to be for them…but there is no reason to be shy! I’ll use my cute little baby voice and your cock will get even harder.  I really do sound like a girl that age! It’s so surprising for some Daddy’s as I milk their balls. Just today I talked to a Daddy who likes to put me on my changing table, and get that cum soaked diaper off and rung out! Who’s cum is in my little tiny babygirl pussy? Daddy’s of course! I always take as much cum as Daddy will give me. I love to be a little cum slut even at this age! I always get what I want, and what I want is your big and hard Daddy cock stuffed deep inside my bald and tiny little cunt!

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When Daddy Popped My Cherry

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When I was barely out of diapers I started to get a lot of attention from my Daddy. I noticed lots and lots of things that I did would tease my Dada. First it was my clothes, my short little shorts and skirts. Then it was when I would sit on his lap and that would really make his big Dada cock sooo hard. I would giggle and laugh and taunt Dada…barely knowing what I was doing. But one evening when I was really driving Daddy wild he told me that he needed to do something to relive all his pent up stress. I wanted to make him happy, as I always do as his very favorite daughter and he led me to my bed room. He told me that I needed to lose my virginity to a man that really loved me and that would love me for forever too. I nodded my little head somewhat but not quite understanding Daddy. I just wanted to be a good little girl for him! I was too, I laid their and urged Dada to give me what I really wanted – not only his cock but that warm Dada cum too. He filled my little tight bald pussy up with cum and ever since then I’ve been his favorite little girl, and by that I mean his little cum slut! I keep my panties and diapers full of cum for Daddy, he can’t resist a few spoonful’s every other night! Hehe!!!

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