Skanky whorebag mommy Blair

Ever since I can remember my son has looked up my skirt and down my blouse.  But the last few weeks it feels different.  Like he’s not looking just to check out my pussy or tits.  More like he wants to dive in.  Course, I didn’t raise no sissy boy.  I knew what a domineering prick he could be.  He usually did his fuckin’ outside somewhere but when he did bring a girl home I could hear her taking a beating before he fucked  her and ordering the bitch around.  They all sobbed and sniffled and begged for more.  Anyway we’re sitting around the house, I’ve been wearing extra eye make up and lip gloss since I know he likes that painted whore look.  Dark black liner around my lips and eyes.  My eyelids done in real dark blue with a little glitter.  My lips are candy apple red. We live in a little cabin just outside of town, watching TV and chit chatting sitting next to each other on the sofa and I notice he’s kind of feeding me drinks.  Then he puts out lines of coke and we both snort two.  I’m so fucking drunk and stoned.  He puts on a video and it’s a home made porn tape.  It’s from a party I was at 2 weeks ago and there I am on my knees sucking one big dick after another. I tell him I know what he’s up to with a smile since this is just what I love.  He wants me drunk and stoned so he can rape me.  I tell him I won’t never tell nobody what he does to me and he won’t be the first man to give me a beating.  He’s got a right to discipline his sleazy whore of a Mommy.  I know it turns him on to make a girl cry.  Make them tremble and sob.  I love to get that out of a man.  My mini skirt doesn’t really cover my crotch and I see him staring.  He tells me he wants to see my fur, so I lay back on the sofa and spread my legs for him.  He looked at me with such intense lust and desire.
“Do whatever dirty, kinky shit you want son.  Mommy won’t tell.  Even if you breed me.”  He tells me he likes piss games too.   I tell him I’ll show him what a skank I am and I call the family mutt into the room.  I get down on the floor and suck off his pointy prick while he watches.  I feel Rover’s  big knot swell up and shoot in my mouth and let it dribble out over my lip and chin.  He drags me back over to the sofa along the floor and he kisses me with a face and mouth full of Rover’s cum.  He tells me my make up is perfect but he wants me to put on the high heels that lace up around my thigh.  Tells me to go put them on and wait for him in the bedroom with nothing else on.  When he comes back into the bedroom naked I can see his big porn size dick hard as a rock.  Long and thick he’s over ten inches and on his young slender body it looks like a telephone pole.  I get the first night of the roughest, dirtiest sex I’ve ever had.  He raped me again and again.  I had cum and piss all over me.

Written by: wbse

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