Sunday Football Fuck Day!

I like to have a little fun during football season. A lot of girls think football is boring, and guys are way too loud…but Ms. Passion knows a way to keep the attention on her! I have this little game I play. When your favorite team is playing, I go for the other team. Every time your team scores a touchdown, I take off a layer of clothing. It’s something like strip poker…but football. Your friends come over, and they enjoy the game, but at the same time, they have this sexy, black bitch taking her clothes off every time your team scores a touchdown.

Now, isn’t that a wonderful way to spend your Sunday? Watching football and my large tits! 9 times outta 10, before the game is over, I’ll be completely naked and getting bent over on the couch. Which is how I want it to be! It’s definitely a win-win situation…wouldn’t you say? 

And, in those last few seconds of the game, I want to be covered in that nice, warm cum I love so much. So bring your friends and your hard cock, and get ready to have some fun!

It’s Sunday Football Fuck Day, and I’m ready to get tackled!

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