Sissy Poo Goo-eee-ness

There is a sissy poo’s true story I wanted to share with all of you to let you know I am here to help you reach your inner sissy poo dreams. This sissy poo is very shy and has not had any luck in finding a bunch of guys that would do the ultimate bukkake experience. Sissy just craves cum and begs me to help her reach ” Goo-eee-ness ” overload. So I decided to help out sissy poo by taking her to special all men gang bang pool party. When we got to the party, I could tell sissy was getting nervous so I told my friend, that was throwing the party, to come up to sissy poo order her to suck his big, fat dick. Lol! Sissy poo was so happily surprised that she even whipped out my friends cock for him. Not even minutes after sissy poo started sucking that dick, I yelled out to the rest of the guys that they should get their chance to turn this shy sissy poo loser into their own ” Goo-eee-ness ” cum rag while shooting hot cummy goo all over her sissy poo little face. Yippy Skippy for ” Goo-eee-ness ” ! 😉

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