Support My Troops

Nothing makes my pussy wetter then a man in fucking uniform. Today is Armed Forces Day so of course I went to the parade to show my support for all that our troops do for us. Watching the men from the different branches of the service march by, smelling of raw macho and oozing with testosterone made me cream my panties more then once.
I had to show my gratitude in true Vinny style, as much for me as for them.
After the parade there was a large street festival where the troops mingled with the crowd. There were booths for each branch of the service encouraging young men to join. And the food and festivities had everyone in high spirits.
Of course I found a target from every branch of the service including the Coast Guard and set my missiles on each target. My goal was to have them all at once, but if it turned out I had to get them one at a time, I would take that too.
As it turned out my big bad Marine took me right there in the streets in a secluded corner with people all around and the thrill of the possibility that we would be discovered and our covert operation blown sky high made my pussy sing with delight!
My Air Force fella decided he wanted to show me what it meant to fly high and took me in the wind tunnel that simulates parachuting. Turns out he was friends with the fella that ran it and got him to shut down to the public for a lunch break while we fucked at a simulated three thousand feet. What a fucking rush!
The Army, Navy and Coast Guard that I targeted want to party into the night and that we will. My Coast Guard is a hot ass female soldier so we are going to have a night we will never forget as three military hot  uniforms take me hostage and give me their own special brand of treatment.
There is nothing better then supporting our troops and I love it when a soldier shoots his gun for me!
Here’s to our men and woman in uniform!

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