My Lawyer’s Secret


My lawyer gave me a call yesterday.  He said he needed to see me for lunch.  Now, you should know that he’s a good friend from school.  As a matter of fact, I took my lawyer’s virginity many years ago.  He told me he’d never been with a girl, because he was afraid he wouldn’t be good, but.  He said he had wanted to ask me to be his first for a while – he wanted to be with someone he trusted, and would make him feel safe.  But, when he looked down at my black mamba, he wasn’t sure it was pussy that he wanted, anymore.  That day I taught my friend how to take dick up his ass like a champ!  And since that day, we’ve had an ongoing sexual arrangement.  I’ve been the sole keeper of his secret for years…until yesterday.

When I arrived at his office, his wife was there.  He told me they were arguing over their sex life, or lack thereof.  She just wasn’t giving it to him the same way anymore, and he suspected she was cheating.  So, he wanted her to know our secret.  He walked up to me and kissed me, pushing me up against the door, so his wife couldn’t leave.  He rubbed and twisted my nipples until they were hard, and he could feel me grow.  Then he dropped to his knees, pulled up my dress, and released my throbbing cock.  His wife looked ready to faint, but her eyes were glued to my monster.

After getting sucked right, I quickly stripped and tied up my friend.  I taped his mouth to keep anyone from hearing me rip him apart with my weapon of ass destruction!  Then, I fucked him dry and hard, just how he likes it!

My lawyer friend is a shrewd genius.  He knew his wife was getting bored of his cock, so he found a way to reveal our secret, and re-ignite their sex life.  His wife was frozen the whole time, but when she saw me pull out and cum on her husband’s face, she came herself!  Now, she wants in on our secret!


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