Silly Boy

Yesterday I was out back sunbathing by the pool when I noticed my neighbor peeping out his window at me. He’s a wimpy little fella, never speaks above a whisper, won’t look anyone in the eye, you know the type. He had no idea that I could see him watching, if he had any kind of inkling that I could see, I’m sure he would have ran like a scared little rabbit. I decided to give him a little show so I played around on one of my floaties and slipped my tits out of my top. He was jerking his cock so furiously that the curtains were shaking and I thought for a second that he was going to come flying out the window!

I let him have his fun and when he walked away from his window, I went inside and got dressed because I had a little surprise coming for that wimpy peeping tom next door. I knocked on his door and when he answered I just pushed my way inside. I told him that I had seen him jerking his pathetic cock while he watched me play in the pool and he tried to deny it but I wouldn’t let him. I made him tell me the truth, admit what he had done and when he did I told him that he belonged to me now. He was going to be my new pet and as punishment for watching me like that I was going to take every opportunity I had to humiliate and embarrass him.I think this is going to be fun!

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