Afternoon Snack

My neighbor had a little pool party yesterday! Or at least his boy did. So many young strong little guys running around and jumping in the water! Why I sat out on my deck and watched them for hours.. Before I even realized it my hand was in my panties and I was rubbing my pussy! It felt so good! My clit got so hard and I became so wet and slick. But what really pushed me over was seeing the boys watching me! I came just for them. So Hot! Then I heard a faint knock at my door. And there they were.. my boys! Showing up for an up and personal view. And I was more than happy to show each and every one of them! How could I refuse 4 small treats left at my door! ” Let Granny Rose take care of that” … Was all I needed to say! They marched right in and dropped there pants! Such good boys. I lined up and sucked each thick cock!  Milking them of all there delicious creamy goodness. mmmmmm I love an afternoon snack!

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