Shyla’s Slumber Party

 This past weekend was a total blast! My parents went out of town for the weekend and I had my bff come over to hang out. (giggles) 🙂 Like she and I went to Daddy’s tool shield where he keeps his beer hidden so Mommy doesn’t trip. 😛 So me and my bff got smashed and went skinny dipping in my back yard pool. Ok and like we were splashing around in the pool and I don’t how it started but we were so making out. (giggles) 🙂 Like she was so hot that we couldn’t stop. So we got out of the pool and made our way into my parent’s room. My little cunny was feeling really good . Like especially when my bff was licking my cunny like a cherry pie. (giggles) It was totally amazing and I had a blast!  It was the best slumber party ever! 🙂

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