Seductive Little Girl

Sometimes men have a problem with how young I am and how much younger I look and sound, giggles! But the thing is, I know all men can’t to think about my tiny little teen cunnie wrapped nice and tight around the big fat cocks! Some just need a little more convincing, TeeHee! I am oh so very happy to help “talk” you into lots of things you’d never consider doing with such a young girl! Older men just make my little body squirm with excitement! Imagine me being your student. I’m having a tough time with my grades (pouty face). I come to your office to “talk” it over with you. Before you know it I’m in your lap, my tiny little body wiggling against you and as you keep saying, “No, No, I can’t”, your body is not listening! I grab that rock hard fuck stick and start slurping on it like it’s a giant lollipop! Before you know it you’ve filled my tummy with all your yummy cream. Good thing is though it’s after school, and I don’t have to be at Cheer Practice today. Guess how wet my panties are? I work your dick right back up again and (giggles) you’re ready for round two! Before you can start that no business again the head of your cock is in my sweet little bald lips. Might as well finish up right?  Don’t worry, I promise I won’t tell!  ((Giggles!))

U.S. Special!  15 Minutes for $24! Ask me to receive!

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