Some days…

Hey sexy ones! Some days I feel like I could explode. My cock throbs and I need the right man to make it cum really hard for you all. My fantasy involves having a man cum over to my house and tell me to whip it out so he can suck on it. Of course I tell him yes because I need a hot liquid release! He proceeds to deep throat my cock while I moan and groan. Then he tells me to bend over and take his cock in my ass! He pumps my ass while I scream for him to fuck me harder because my cock is on fire and ready to explode!!! Then he stops because he wants me to get on my knees while I suck his filthy man meat. He keeps dominating my ass until he tells me to swallow his load. Of course this tranny slut would do that! Then he tells me that now he is done, I need to fuck his up the ass until I cum because it is my turn. My cock throbs as it fucks him up the ass. When I am just about to cum, he makes me stop and says that he will see me later and that I can’t cum until he gets back. When he gets back he gets on his knees and give me my sweet release. Some days? I wish this happened to me everyday!!


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