Shyla needs after school tutoring

In my high school I am known for being the cheerleader captain and messing around with the football jocks. I was never much into school and love dressing in skimpy outfits that make me look slutty. Lately I am starting to fail my math class. I just can’t seem to figure out how to multiply properly. So my math teacher said he would help tutor me after school. He is kinda cute in a nerdy geeky way with his huge bald spot on his head and thick mustache. So I stayed after school one day in the classroom alone with him. He gave me a math work book to practice problems with. As I worked on my math problem, I could hear strange quiet sounds coming from where my teacher was sitting at his desk. I thought he was grading papers until I looked up to see my teacher had his pants down on the floor and he was stoking his long wooden ruler. I was so embarrassed I looked anyway from him and tried to pretend I didn’t see him. He told me to come here so he can teach me a better way of multiplying a problem. I was scared and told him “No, thank you and maybe it is time for me to go.” He said to me “Well, if you want to pass this class, you will cum over here and take care of me… or I will get you expelled from the school.” So I felt I had no choice and went over there to his desk. He began to rub my cunny threw my jeans. I felt so confessed at first because he was my teacher and his touch felt so good. My little cunny started to get wet threw my black thong and then threw my blue jeans. He told me now it is time for you to take off your pants and naughty, dirty panties and bend over my desk. I asked him ” What for?” He replied ” So I can multiply inside of you.”

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