Cheating on my man

Lately my man has not been taking care of my needs and desires at all. So I decided it is time for a little payback. I want you to come over to my house and fuck the crap out of me to the point where your BIG DICK has stretched me out and drop your hot load instead of my nasty cunt. Then while you and I are going for round two, my boyfriend walks in on us in bed. He is totally freaking out and crying like a little cry baby. He asks me why and I tell him that’s he can’t please me because he is a pathetic looser with a baby dick. He tells me that he will make it up to me and will do anything to show he loves me. So with a smile on my face I told him if he loved me, he needs to suck out this creamy cum pie out of my pussy. So like a good little closet homo that he is, he glad ate every bit of the cream cum pie out of my dirty, stretched used cunt. After he finished that pie, I told him his punishment wasn’t over yet. Then I told him to stand right there while you and your HUGE DICK fucked me from behind facing him. As you were reaming me harder and deeper I was telling him how his tooth pick of a wee wee never pleased me ever! Plus I faked every orgasim I had in our entire relationship and this is how a real dick should fuck my cunt. He started to weep like a little sissy girl as he was watching me get fucked by you. Thank you so very much for this priceless moment to see my boyfriend be completely humiltated for being a looser as a man and a lover. 

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