The ALWAYS give in to my will…..

The most exciting part of the whole night was seeing how the little brother was willing to endure whatever I dished out to keep me from hurting his little sister.  At first I didn’t plan on hurting either one of them, I just wanted to finger her little cunny.  However that lil bastard boy decided to attempt to be bossy with me so I had to teach him a lesson.  Before I was done not only had I fingered her little cunny like I wanted but I had made him lick her little puckered cute as a button asshole.  All I had to do was put a little bit of Tabasco sauce in her little pisshole and let him hear her scream, he didn’t want none of that in his little pisshole that is for sure.  He was more than willing to let me finger her pretty bald cunny without any resistance from him after that.  It tickles my little cunny happy to be able to make brother’s and sister’s have incest fun against their will.<evil grin>

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