Milky Shots!

I love choking and gagging on a thick, white cock…or, a long, white cock…or, even a skinny, white cock.  Any white cock, really, is great for choking!  Grab my hair, push my face all the way down on your cock, and just hold me there.  Or, pin me down and straddle my throat, fuck my face, and watch your cock glide in and out, past my fat, nigger lips.  You can ram that beautiful, alabaster stick in my slippery black-box, or up my tight stink-hole, but don’t cum yet!  I wanna suck all that hot cream out of you.  I need that cum shot!  Sometimes I like to feel you shoot your load all over my face, ass or tits.  Sometimes I prefer the feeling and taste of all that warm cock-juice, shooting off inside of my mouth, then splashing and sliding down my throat.  However you give it to me, just know that I’ll always want more.  Feel free to call some buddies over to abuse me, and turn me into your bukkake nigger bitch, I don’t care.

Just CUM FOR ME!!!

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