Little dick line up party

I have quite a few little dick sissy poos that have been begging me to have an event where I tell all of them where they can meet up and compare each others tiny dicky poos together. There will be pretty sissy poos in pretty panties to sissy poo married losers all there in one location. I will have a contest to see who has the tiniest winkie tinkie out of all of them. I am also inviting all of my friends and co-workers to come and help judge this contest. We will all examine and compare each and every single tiny pee pee we come across. So first they have to line up in a row and get completely naked. These sissys know better than to try to hide what little they don’t  have down there or they will be shamed and outed so bad that they would be forced to leave the party naked. We told them that they had to stand in a line and one by one line up their winkie to the sissy next to them. They all were forced to talk about some  embrassing facts about why they are so small down there until all of us girls had a good enough laugh to move on to the next tiny dick sissy loser. I just love how much all of these sissy poos put so much effort to amuse me. Yay for tiny winkie dinkie sissy poo losers!

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