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I had my hair and nails done this week. MMMMM I love feeling my hair guy rubbing his hands all over my head. Makes me wish he was stroking my other head! He is just the sexiest little thing ever! I was having a wicked day dream about him sucking my cock when I caught him staring at my raging hard on! I asked him if he would like to take care of all my needs and right then he dropped to his knees and pulled out my big black throbbing hard dick!!! I could feel his hands stroking the bottom of my cock when his lips wrapped around my head mmmm I got to lay back in that big chair and just enjoy the best cock sucking, dick worshiping I have ever had! He spent over an hour licking and sucking my beautiful black cock till I couldn’t take it anymore and I shot my load all over his face! Ooooh man. I’m gonna have to get my hair done more often.

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