She Wants To Breed


I have a friend that has been on a pregnancy kick. She wants to be pregnant so bad that she has decided she wants to be a breeding whore, getting fucked and staying pregnant all the time. Giving men little girls that they can then breed with when they get old enough. I love fucking and getting fucked and maybe one day would like to have a little one, but a breeding whore? But if that is what she wants and she needs my help, well what kind of friend would I be to say no? I called every guy I knew and set it up for them all to be at my place at the same time. She was in my room naked on the bed, ready and waiting. They took turns, one after the other, running a train on her, fucking her bareback and filling her pussy with load after load of cum. She fucked all night, knowing it was her ovulation time and that she would likely get pregnant and not know which one of them knocked her up. By the morning they were all drained dry and she was slap full of cum. I have never seen her so happy! Let’s hope for the best and when she pops we will do it all again and keep her the best breeding whore in town.

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