I have said it before and I will say it again, never, ever ask a Tranny for cock and ball torture. No one knows how to torture balls and cock then someone that has them themselves. But of course darling Zetta is not one to turn down a man that wants to play. Nor will I disappoint when it comes to a specific fetish that is delightful to administer. I laid him down and tied him to the bed, delighting in what was about to happen. Tieing a rubber band around the base of his cock, making it so tight his dick turned purple. I flicked it and slapped it relishing in his pleasure, my cock getting harder by the minute. I took out clothes pins and put them all over his ball sac until it was covered and looked like two porcupines under his cock. His moaning turning me on all the while. When I put the cold steel of the blade against his dick and cut that rubber band off the pre-cum oozed out of his cock like a volcano oozing lava. It was delightful and I shoot a load in his face before getting between his legs and plucking the clothes pins off his balls ever so slowly one at a time squeezing them tight as I pulled them. It was the beginning of a long and torturous night for his balls and cock. In the morning he thanked me and made a date to do it again. It was my pleasure darling!

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