She Makes Him Watch

I love it when she calls me. As soon as I see her number on the caller id my pussy starts to get moist because I know what is cumming.
She calls to set up the hotel, time and date. She picks the man and she brings her pitiful little husband.
Tonight is the night. My pussy is so ready! She always picks the biggest, darkest, sexiest hunks of chocolate for me.
It is the same every time, we meet and she directs the show. I bring a change of clothes and wear something that I don’t care about getting destroyed.
She makes him rip my clothes off and throw me down. He shoves his big hard cock in my mouth and fucks it hard and with out mercy while they watch. She pulls his little white cock out and shows him how sad and small it is in comparison. She humiliates and taunts him while they watch.
She likes watching me get taken rough the way she wished her husband would fuck her. She waits and watches sucking his little dick all the while telling him that it isn’t enough.
Finally when she is ready, she joins my big black cock and I. She bends over and spreads her ass wide inviting him to shove that huge cock inside her tight ass. She lets him fuck the shit out of her in front of her husband and then when she has cum all over the place, she makes her husband get up, bend over and take her strap on up his ass while I suck his dick and he sucks our big black cock clean of cum and shit.
I love our time together!

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