My Punishment

I’ve been a submissive fucking slut for awhile now, so I know that I must be punished when my Master isn’t pleased. The other night he said I wasn’t listening right. He said that when I was using my whip to smack my round ass, I wasn’t even trying. I tried hitting harder and harder, little red welts forming on my smooth skin – but he wanted more.
The next night he dressed me up like the pathetic whore that I am, in fishnets and a bikini top – no bottom. He told me to go down by the docks and wait by the water. I was scared, my little kitty totally exposed in the moonlight. I waited for almost an hour, when finally I saw my Master. He had three other men with him and I knew I was in for an intense punishment. First, he grabbed me and shoved his fingers into my mouth, opening my mouth as wide as it could go until my jaw was hurting. Almost instantly one of the men pulled out a massive dick stuck it deep into my throat. I was sucking that cock, running my tongue all up and down as I gagged, when I felt another man cum up behind and stuff his hard rod deep into my tight little asshole. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t with my mouth full of dick. My master began spanking my smooth ass with his hand. The stinging pain was so delicoious that I knew I would cum soon. Right when I was going to explode, the third man slammed his huge cock into my tight wet hole and my pussy flooded all over his dick. All three of the men pulled their dicks out of my holes and finished all over my stupid slutty face, covering me thick, white cock juice. My Master told me to lick up as much as I could off my lips, then to jump in the lake to clean off. When I got out I was freezing cold, my hard nipples poking out from under the bikini. Master told me that I had to walk home, just like that. We weren’t in a very good area, and he told me that I must suck every cock that presented itself on the way…and I had to be a cum covered whore again to prove it. My Master definitely taught his nasty little fuck slut a lesson!


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