Sexy Stockings


The girls have recently taken a liking to guarder belts and sexy thigh high stockings. I never thought they would get into something like that this young, But they saw a fashion magazine and they thought they were so sexy, it also didn’t escape them that it was much easier access then having to pull off panty hose when it comes time to have some kinky fun. Sometimes they make me laugh with their simple and honest observations. So when they asked if we could go shopping for some of these sexy things I was more then happy to oblige! We spent the whole day trying on guarders and thigh highs in all colors and styles. We spent an equal amount of time fingering fucking and sucking each others pussies in the dressing room after seeing each other in an exceptionally hot pair. The ones that made us play in the dressing room were all keepers and we came home with several bags of goodies that have already served us well and will bring lots of good times to some special friends in the near future. Time to start planing some play dates to show off our new sexies and have some fun!

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