Afternoon Delight

It has been a long time since I have visited my Italian Stallion and it is long over due. With my best friend in town we derided to go back to our college days when we would pick a guy and double team him. They never knew it was cumming and by the time we were done they didn’t resist anyway. We always had loads of fun playing this game and this time it would be better because we have way more tricks up our sleeves now! We put on dresses that button down the front with absolutely nothing on under them and gave Tony a call. We told him we were cumming to get him for lunch, our treat (in more ways then one, but he didn’t know that, yet) He was happy to see me as always and I could see that twinkle in his eye when I introduced him to my girlfriend. We took him to a dimly lit cafe and got a corner booth, putting him between us. Reaching under the table at the same time our hands found his cock and he gasped and jumped at the surprise. We each grabbed a hand and led it to our wet pussies under the table, now exposed because we unbuttoned a few buttons on the bottom of our dresses. As we waited for out lunch we had our afternoon delight, our appetizer so to speak. Tony went back to work happy and we went home and played until dinner.

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