Leting My Freak Flag Fly

Oh yes I am letting it all hang out baby, in more ways then one! We have a huge ass party planned tonight! A bunch of us got together with alternative life styles. so there will be tranny’s and transgender and gay and lesbians and all manor of people here. Everyone is bringing food and drink so there will be plenty flowing. We have the house set up with our DJ booth and lights. We got glow sticks and all kinds of party favors. We have several huge bowls of condoms for our sexual delights during the night. I personally hope the party goes on for several days. I have my eyes on a couple party favors that will be attending for myself but I am so open to sharing with anyone who wants to share. My dick has been hard for days while we have been planning this and I have been jerking this cock almost constantly since this started. This is going to be a blow out like no other. your welcome to join us if you like.

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