Sexual Slavery 2014

I inherited the ‘family business’, from my Grandmother. Once, every three months, I make business trips, outside of the United States.  In a land far away, there  lies a sexual slavery camp where youngsters of varied ages are employed, in exchange for food, water, and shelter.

The conditions of their employ involve submitting themselves to be used for the sexual pleasure of affluent men and women, throughout the world.

These little ones have been trained in the art of providing sexual services (to include all fetishes) to high paying clients.  Their lives consist of daily pampering; whereby they are bathed, massaged, attend an in-camp fitness center, spa, and eat the finest foods, and practice meditation.  Their entertainment consists of watching pornography and enacting its varied contents, of sorts.  The young ladies are on birth control and all participants are tested regularly for STDs.

Their prices range from $10,000-$100,000 USD, per day (the younger they are, the more expensive).  Under special conditions, they may be sold.  You may contact me discreetly with your business.



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