Serious Squirt Session

Squirting Phone Sex


I got a new toy in the mail yesterday and have been on a squirting extravaganza ever since!  I’ve barely given it a break for a single minute and now everything in my house is soaking wet from my hot pussy juice.  I’m not fucking joking, I’ve sprayed everything in the place with my cunt cream and I could not be fucking happier about it.

I’ve gotten so dehydrated because of that magnificent mail order man substitute that I had to start drinking water while I’m playing with myself just so I could keep up.  I want to make everything moist with my mommy juice so, even when I’m fucking the hell out of myself, I have to make sure my pussy is primed and ready to shoot at all times.

I like to use a pussy pump to make my snatch extra swollen, plump and pressurized so I can see the jets of silky slit syrup surging from between my swollen flap meat.  It’s a perfect pairing with my newest fake fuck stick, just what this squirting slut needs to really make my gash gush and cover everything in my sticky goo.


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    • Tom on February 4, 2022 at 6:11 AM
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    Holy fut look at that squirting cunt mmmmm

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