“Sending My Love to You”

I have been told, many times that I have a big ass, for an Asian girl (guys joke with me at times, and ask if I have some black in me….I tell him, that I have, when I have taken black cock inside of my ass) *smiles*. I guess that I have been blessed *smiles*. A gentleman that I am seeing now has gone out of town, on business. He wanted for me to keep in touch and keep him turned-on.  I have decided that the best way to accommodate him, is for me to take sexy pictures for him, and to call him and have dirty talk.  I love the way that he smacks and spanks my ass, during sex.  He treats me like a filthy whore, and I like it.  He spits in the crack of my ass and beats his dick on my ass cheeks, like he is beating a drum.  He play music on my ass, using his cock as an instrument that makes an erotic song with my ass…..the drum of our sex.  He sometimes sings dirty songs to me when he beats my ass. We cum together, making beautiful music.

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