Been Dominated!

I had a man who totally dominated me ! He took control of my body and I felt like I was so submissive that I let him do whatever he wanted to me. I let him take him paddle and smack me in the ass so hard, that it turned dark red. Then after that, he shoved his remote  control up my pussy and made me take it because I wanted to make this man feel like he owned my cunny. Taking the remote up my woman whole and being fucked by it make me want to squeal with delight, but my master would not let me make a sound. Then he decide for shits and giggle to put his girlfriend’s curling iron up there, fucking my pussy until I got so wet, I could not take it anymore. I finally got him to put his man meat into my pussy, but he had to fuck my body up first by slapping my face and telling me to take his cock like a woman. Funny thing is, his girlfriend walked in on us and started to kick my naked ass. He told her to shut the fuck up and watch as he fucked a whore that could take his cock. She watched as he pumped his hot load into me and he made her eat his load out of my pussy. I had fun as I squirted into her mouth. Being dominated was not only fun, but hot!

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