Say Goodbye

There is nothing like a good old fashioned rivalry to keep things interesting. Until it gets old and then it is time to eliminate that rivalry and find a more challenging one.
They were a challenge for a while and then they got predictable so I had to figure out a fitting ending for them and a fitting ending is just what they got.
It took me several days to dig the hole. It had to be deep enough. The sides had to be smooth and eliminate the possibility of them climbing out. It had to be secluded so that no one would find them or hear them calling for help.
It was all of the above.
When the time was right I grabbed them both and took them to the last place on earth they would ever see.
I tossed them in and acted like I was leaving. Sitting out of view I listened to them talking, trying to plan an escape. Of course there was none.
I masturbated with delight knowing they would become more afraid and more desperate as time passed.
I got a great nights sleep thinking about them alone in the woods in that hole, cold, hungry and thirsty.
When I showed up the next morning I was not disappointed and they were begging to be let go.
Laughing I left them there again.
By night fall when I came back for a visit the desperation had built to despair and I sat fucking myself with delight before leaving for another great nights sleep.
In the morning I found them broken and completely defeated. I let them know I wouldn’t be back for several days and that if they wanted to survive the only thing they had to eat and drink were each other.
The next few days I was so giddy it was sickening. Thinking about what they were doing and if they had finally given in yet.
When I finally returned I was not disappointed.
The best way to eliminate a rival is to have them eliminate themselves.

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