My Naughty Side

Okay so I do not like to show my naughty side very often but there is this girl that just has it coming. I’m sorry. I just cannot take it anymore. She is trying to put the moves on my brother. Let me tell you something, he is mine. Or at least mine until I find someone that is worthy of him. This girl is not worthy. She is a skanky whore. I am going to eliminate my rival tonight by showing my big brother what a piece of trash this girl really is. I have the whole evening planned. I have invited both the girl and my brother over for dinner. I also invited a few of my guy friends. I have plans on letting all of them use that dirty little bitch so my brother can see her for what she really is. I have been preparing for this evening all day. I have been to the adult store and got all kinds of toys to inflict pain on her. This is going to be fun. Plus I am going to fuck my brother right in front of her so that she can see who my brother is too. After tonight she will be running away crying, regretting the day she ever met us. Oh my I am getting wet just thinking about it. I am going to finish getting ready. I will fill you in on the details of tonight at a later date. Till then!

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