Sasha’s Favorite Panties!

I’m wearing my favorite panties to bed tonight!  They feel so good on my skin. They fit my cute little ass perfectly. You like panties don’t you? The way they feel on your skin when I snuggle up close to you. Whats your favorite kind? Thongs, boy shorts, cotton, lace? I think you probably love them all. Especially how they look and feel as I slide them off. Do you want to touch my panties daddy? I’m being really naughty tonight and I just want your hands all over me! Can you just see me massaging your cock while I’m holding a handful of all the sexy panties you love. Feel my warm pussy juice seep through them. I can keep them on while you watch me pleasure myself. I know you would love that. Your huge beef cake is just busting out of your boxers!  I can keep them around my ankles as you fuck me nice and hard. I’ll even shove them in your mouth when I ride your cockie! Just thinking about my panties makes your cock wanna squirt those yummy cummies, doesn’t it? I want to jack you off and watch you shoot a huge load in the crotch… then you watch me dance around in my cute little cum stained panties!

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